How to purchase and buy a SIM card

Where can I buy a Lebara SIM card?

There are two ways to purchase the SIM in France: either on the Lebara website or at retail outlets.


For more simplicity and enjoy exclusive offers, why not order your SIM card online right now?;?

To enjoy it as from now simply click on the following link http://www.lebara-mobile.fr/Pre-Pay-Cards and safely order your new SIM card.

*For more information about our offers click this link http://www.lebara-mobile.fr/boutique/offre

Retail outlets 

You can buy a Lebara SIM card in one of the many retail outlets working alongside us. (Taxi phone, Tabac, grandes surfaces...).

Contact Us

Please dial 2323 if you are calling from your Lebara Mobile.

If you are calling from any other mobile or from a fixed line please dial 0811 29 2323

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